Herschel Walker’s Pattern of Lying Continues in His First Ad — His Exaggerated Business Claims Have Been Discredited for Months

April 27, 2022

Herschel Walker continued his pattern of lying in his first political ad, repeating exaggerated business claims that have been discredited and exposed as lies. Today’s ad is the latest in a long line of falsehoods and exaggerations from Walker on everything from his businesses to his academic record. 

The Daily Beast released a bombshell report exposing his “previously unexamined, and particularly egregious, false claims” — including proof that Walker “claims to own companies that don’t exist” — adding to a litany of widely-reported falsehoods from the Trump-tapped candidate. 

See additional reporting below: 

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Herschel Walker’s business record reveals creditor lawsuits, exaggerated claims”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Review of court records and other public documents contradicts statements Walker has made about the number of people his companies employ, their size, and the assets they own.”

Daily Beast: “Herschel Walker Claims to Own Companies That Don’t Exist

Daily Beast: “Georgia Senate candidate’s history of exaggerating his business success is even worse than anyone thought…claims to own companies that don’t exist”

Georgia Public Broadcasting: “Ethics experts say Herschel Walker’s U.S. Senate financial disclosure bears further scrutiny”

Georgia Public Broadcasting: “It raises questions when we’re at the candidate phase of if they’re going to be forthcoming with this information when they’re actually in charge” 

11 Alive: “Herschel Walker mocked businesses that took PPP money, even though he used it himself: report”

11 Alive: “Walker told the Atlanta Business Chronicle he was “not relying on PPP or the government to save his chicken business,” according to the article’s headline. But a few weeks later, Walker’s company likewise benefited…”

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer: “Herschel Walker guaranteed he’d repay $600k in pizza franchise loans. So far, he hasn’t”

American Independent: “Walker appears to have repeatedly exaggerated and misled about his tenure…”

CNN: “Walker has been overstating his academic achievements for years.”

Daily Beast: “Walker has established a parallel record of demonstrably false claims, many of which appear to bear no resemblance to reality whatsoever.”

MSNBC: “Given that the GOP candidate tends to point to his business record as proof of Senate qualifications, this seems like a rather significant problem.”

Rolling Stone: “Accumulating examples of Walker’s deceptions and false statements…”

Associated Press: “Walker has made outsize claims about his business record” and “exaggerated claims of financial success”

CNN: “For years, Herschel Walker has told the same inspiring story…the only problem: it’s not true.”


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