Here are 6 things you need to know about Brian Kemp before tonight’s debate

October 23, 2018

Here are 6 things you need to know about Brian Kemp before tonight’s debate

1. Brian Kemp wants to cut $200 million a year in taxpayer money that should go to Georgia’s public schools, and instead use millions to send the wealthy to elite private schools. Kemp also voted for a plan to hand over public schools to the governor, removing local control and opening our public schools to private interests.

2. Brian Kemp has consistently opposed efforts to provide Georgians with quality and affordable health care.  In the State Senate, He supported budgets that led to 45,000 Georgia children losing PeachCare benefits and 9,000 pregnant women losing Medicaid coverage.

3. Brian Kemp is an outspoken critic of expanding Medicaid, which would create jobs, keep our rural hospitals open, and cover over 500,000 Georgians who lack affordable health care.

4. As Secretary of State, Kemp’s office ignored 25 of 26 sexual assault claims made against massage therapists in Georgia. And after a therapist pleaded guilty to sexually assaulting a woman during a massage, Brian Kemp renewed the therapist’s license. Worse, the therapist had a pattern of assaulting women and Brian Kemp did nothing to stop it.

5. Under Brian Kemp’s watch, 6 million Georgians had their personal information, including social security and birthdates, leaked publicly, twice. Then after a lawsuit was announced, the elections system server was wiped clean, deleting all the evidence of the breach.

6. Kemp currently owes half a million dollars after defaulting on a loan he personally guaranteed. According to court documents, Brian Kemp even negotiated with the investor to extend the deadline, twice. After missing the deadline, Kemp argued that he was no longer liable because his personal guaranty had expired.  Then, when the court ordered him to attend a deposition, Kemp failed to appear without proper notice.



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