Health Care Workers and Business Leaders Call Out Brian Kemp for Hypocrisy, Failed Business Record

October 17, 2018

 Kemp Opposes Federal Medicaid Dollars for Georgia While Taking Federal Stimulus Dollars for His Company

Following newly revealed documents that show Brian Kemp received millions of dollars in taxpayer federal stimulus dollars for his own company, despite his belief that expanding Medicaid would be a waste of taxpayer money, a group of health care professionals and business leaders joined a press conference call to discuss Brian Kemp’s hypocrisy and failed record as a businessman.

Brian Kemp has been a key investor, assistant manager, and member of the Board of Directors for Hart AgStrong since 2008, which received millions in 2009 and 2010 in federal stimulus funding.

“I would never go into business with Kemp. If he can’t be trusted in business, we can’t trust him to be Governor,” said Chairman of the Georgia Democratic Party DuBose Porter

“Kemp took federal stimulus money for personal benefit, yet would deny health care to thousands of Georgians,” said former Air Force and NASA engineer and inventor of the Super Soaker water gun Lonnie Jackson

“Expanding Medicaid would make a huge difference here in Georgia, and would give half-a-million people access to care. As a nurse, I think Brian Kemp doesn’t have a connection with what is going on here, and doesn’t understand what the health care situation is really like,” said certified nurse practitioner Brette Svensson

“In rural Georgia, we’re seeing hospitals and clinics close, and part of the reason is because we’re leaving $3 billion in federal money on the table by refusing to expand Medicaid. It is ludicrous that Kemp is saying we cannot take federal dollars for these 500,000 people in Georgia to get health insurance, and yet takes millions of dollars in federal stimulus money for his own company,” said certified nurse midwife and women’s health nurse practitioner Anna Cherry

Kemp personally guaranteed $10 million in loans to Hart AgStrong, about double his net worth. Kemp’s company has been criticized by Governor Nathan Deal’s administration for actions that “may be a felony under Georgia law,” according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. He also cheated his fellow investors and farmers, and he is refusing to pay back a $500,000 loan that he personally guaranteed.


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