Happy Holidays from the DPG

December 24, 2014



For many, tonight is a night of devotion and joy, with the promise of better things to come. The Democratic Party of Georgia, our DPG staff, and I wish you and your family a wonderful and happy holiday.


Yet, let us be ever mindful of the challenges all too many Georgians face every day. For every congested department store lane crowded with impatient shoppers, there’s a line at a job fair teeming with stoic faces eager to bring home the good news of employment. For every overcrowded oven, there is an empty stomach relying on helping hands to prepare them a meal. And for every nerve-racked host summoning the patience to deal with a full house, there are women and men longing for the embrace of a departed family member, or the safe return of a deployed loved one.


Heading in to the New Year, let’s recommit ourselves to the Great Commandment of loving our neighbors as we would ourselves. Let’s strengthen our community with the enlightenment of knowing that we are our bother’s and sister’s keepers.


It is in this spirit that I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year,


Chairman DuBose Porter

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