GREATEST HITS: Georgia Democrats Barnstorm the Peach State Praising President Biden and Democrats’ Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

December 21, 2021

Over the past month, the Democratic Party of Georgia has barnstormed across the state to talk directly to voters about President Biden’s road-paving, broadband-expanding, job-creating Bipartisan Infrastructure Law — passed thanks to Senators Ossoff and Reverend Warnock and Georgia’s six Democratic representatives. Since the passage of the infrastructure package, Georgia Democrats held events in Albany, Atlanta, Augusta, Columbus, Macon, and Savannah with local, state, and union leaders.

Leaders discussed how Georgia is already seeing immediate relief from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and highlighted the nearly 400,000 new good-paying jobs the law will bring to the Peach State over the next 10 years — all without raising taxes a single penny for middle-class Georgians. The speakers also emphasized that every single Georgia Republican in Congress tried to block the new jobs, projects, and relief that the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is bringing to Georgia.

Read more about Georgia Democrats’ Bipartisan Infrastructure Law barnstorm below:



41NBC: Georgia Democrats celebrate Infrastructure Bill

  • Georgia Democrats were in Macon Thursday discussing President Biden’s signing of the more than $1 trillion Infrastructure Bill into law Monday.
  • Kendra Castelow, Vice Chair of the Macon-Bibb Democratic Party, says the bipartisan bill will help make progress on projects like the I-14 corridor and interstate highway.
  • “This historic package will create a generation of high paying union jobs, stimulate our economy and revitalize our states roads, bridges and transportation leaving no Georgia community behind,” she said.
  • Macon is expected to get about $16 million to improve transportation over the next five years.
  • Richard Hollar, President of the Central Georgia Federation of Trades and Labor Council, says the bill will create an estimated 2 million jobs a year across the country during the next decade.
  • “This is not just for us but it’s a generational thing,” he said. “Our kids, our grandkids will have opportunities to work and prosper.”
  • Toomsboro Mayor Joyce Denson says the bill is a game changer for Georgia and many other states across the country. She says many small towns in Georgia, especially towns with majority Black populations, have suffered from a severe lack of infrastructure investments.
  • She says the Infrastructure Bill is exactly what those towns need to get back on their feet.
  • “The I-14 corridor that will connect the Chattahoochee valley all the way over to Augusta, Richmond County has been in works for more than a decade,” she said. “Well with this infrastructure bill, guess what? We can make a change.”
  • The Georgia Democrats tell us the White House hasn’t officially set a timeline on how soon states could see funding from the bill, but the Department of Transportation estimates states could receive the funding in as soon as six months.



WSAV: Local leaders break down how $1 trillion infrastructure deal will impact Savannah

  • Georgia is expected to receive billions in funding through the $1 trillion Infrastructure and Jobs Act signed into law by President Joe Biden on Monday.
  • Local leaders say the bipartisan infrastructure law is a big deal for Savannah, and Mayor Van Johnson says the city will see some immediate impacts — specifically for the Hostess City’s port.
  • “Right here at the mouth of the Port of Savannah, we will see immediate relief from the bipartisan infrastructure bill,” Johnson said. “These funds will be used to set up pop-up container yards to help ease the pandemic’s pressure on our nation’s supply chain.”
  • The mayor said the city is getting $8 million for the Port of Savannah from the Georgia Ports designated funding.
  • “We are the single largest single-container terminal in the country,” said Johnson.
  • He also discussed the need for infrastructure investments locally.
  • “There are other investments that our community has desperately needed, about 11% of the bridges in Chatham County are what is deemed as structurally deficient,” Johnson explained.
  • Local leaders say the bipartisan law will also help expand Savannah’s job market.
  • The bipartisan infrastructure law opens the door for projects that are going to employ workers with better wages and better opportunities across Savannah,” said Jay Jones, the former Chatham County commissioner and Chatham County Democratic Committee chair.
  • The mayor says the bill will address a number of needs across the state.
  • “This long-awaited package will create thousands of good-paying union jobs, stimulate our economy and revitalize our state’s roads, bridges and transportation which I know we surely need, more importantly, leaving no Georgia community behind,” Johnson said.
  • The mayor also said the deal will provide internet access to more than 600,000 Georgians who don’t have access.



WTVM: Biden’s Infrastructure Bill to Impact Columbus

  • WTVM Anchor: “Happening today in Columbus, the Democratic Party of Georgia will hold a press conference to talk about the President’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill passing.”
  • WTVM Anchor: “News Leader 9’s James Giles is with us this morning. Mr. Giles, good morning. Let’s talk about the agenda for today for this meeting, what are you expecting to hear from them?” 
  • Reporter James Giles: “Hey, good morning, Ben and Cheryl. Today around noon, Congressman Sanford Bishop along with other Democratic leaders around the Peach State will highlight the passage of President Joe Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill. 
  • “Now, Democrats say they credit Senators Jon Ossoff, Reverend Raphael Warnock, and Georgia’s six congressional Democrats’ leadership for the bill’s passage.”
  • “Now, according to the party, the bill will drive a huge economic boost to West Central Georgia, impacting everything from expanding transit and transportation to making sure people have affordable access to internet.” 
  • “Officials also say the bill will create thousands of good-paying jobs, stimulate the economy, and revitalize the state’s roads, bridges and highways. 
  • “Now, here in Columbus leaders say the Fountain City will receive roughly $20 million of the money. Columbus Mayor Skip Henderson says the city’s engineering department will decide what roads will be repaired first.”
  • “And Democrat leaders say the bill is supposed to make sure no Georgia community will be left behind.”



Albany Herald: Democrats praise Biden, infrastructure law

  • The Democratic Party of Georgia hosted a news conference in Albany Tuesday to celebrate President Biden and Georgia Democrats’ passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal and discussed how the transformative package will drive an economic boost to southwest Georgia.
  • Speakers emphasized how the infrastructure bill will create thousands of good-paying union jobs, stimulate the economy, and revitalize the state’s roads, bridges, and highways — leaving no Georgia community behind.
  • “Here in Albany and across southwest Georgia, infrastructure has been neglected for decades too long,” state Rep. CaMia Jackson, D-Albany, said. “But thanks to President Biden, that changes now. With President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill, we will be able to revitalize our infrastructure and break ground on new and exciting projects to connect our communities like never before. To top it off, middle-class Georgia families won’t see their taxes rise a single penny to make these investments a reality.
  • “So the question is: Why do Georgia Republicans oppose this popular, landmark legislation? While 32 Republicans in Congress put aside their partisanship for the good of our nation, Herschel Walker and Georgia’s eight congressional Republicans are standing against our jobs. They’re standing against our roads and our bridges. They’re standing against our economic recovery. And they’re standing against what’s best for our state.”
  • State Sen. Freddie Powell Sims called the legislation “once-in-a-generation.”
  • “For far too long, our community has suffered from a severe lack of infrastructure investments,” Sims said. “But President Biden’s infrastructure law is a once-in-a-generation package that will finally address decades of economic and infrastructure disparities. Nearly one-tenth of Dougherty County does not have broadband access, and that number is worse in some of our neighboring counties. Thankfully, President Biden and Georgia Democrats’ Bipartisan Infrastructure Law will deliver $100 million to Georgia to help ensure that every family in Albany and the entire state has access to reliable high-speed internet.
  • “I’ve served in the state Legislature for more than 16 years, and President Biden and Democrats are delivering the greatest investment in Georgia’s infrastructure I have ever seen.”



WFXG: Georgia Democrats visit Augusta to talk bipartisan infrastructure bill

  • The Georgia Democrats visited Augusta Thursday to talk about President Biden’s infrastructure plan.
  • The bipartisan bill was passed in November and promises to bring infrastructure improvements here in Augusta and around the country.
  • State Senator Harold Jones was one of the state leaders present with local leaders Thursday’s press conference.
  • “Simply put, this is a once in a generation investment in Georgia’s economy,” he says. “Georgia will receive billions to repair our roads and highways, rebuild our bridges, expand broadband to almost a million Georgia residents.”
  • Augusta-Richmond County Commissioner Jordan Johnson named several local projects that he would like to see the money used towards.
  • “There’s some important infrastructure projects we’ve been waiting to get done for quite some time. I’ve mentioned the Fifth Street bridge, 13th Street bridge, many roads in our neighborhoods, both residential and main connectors,” Johnson says. 
  • This bill was championed by Democrats, with 13 Republicans crossing the aisle to vote with the Democrats on the bill.
  • “So the people of Georgia ask why do Georgia Republicans stand in the way of opportunity, why do Georgia Republicans obstruct jobs coming to our area,” State Senator Jones questioned.



CW69: Georgia Democrats Touted President Biden’s Infrastructure Bill In Atlanta

  • CW69 Anchor: “The Biden administration’s infrastructure bill getting positive feedback from state Democrats. They say the law includes millions and funds for roads, public transit, and new jobs. CW69’s Deirdre Johnson shows us why many are saying the infrastructure bill is benefiting Georgia.”
  • Reporter Deirdre Johnson: “Georgia Democrats are out touting President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law.” 
  • Chair Nikema Williams: “Everywhere that we’ve been, we’re making sure that voters know that they have President Biden and Democrats to thanks for this road-paving, broadband-expanding, bridge-fixing legislation.” 
  • Johnson: “They say the law, also known as the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will bring 400,000 jobs to the state of Georgia in the next 10 years.”
  • Georgia AFL-CIO President Charlie Flemming: “This is huge for our country. This is going to put America back to work.”
  • Johnson: “They also say it includes 923 million for public transit in Metro Atlanta and more broadband access.”
  • Congressman Hank Johnson: “Millions of Georgians are gonna see a new generation of economic growth and equity. With investments in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the President is delivering on his promise to Build Back Better.”


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