Gov. Kemp Attacks Federal Law Benefiting Georgia More Than Any Other State 

January 23, 2024

Studies Show Georgia Leads Nation in Total Investment and New Jobs Created as Result of Inflation Reduction Act

Yesterday, in a statement from Davos, Switzerland, Governor Brian Kemp claimed the Inflation Reduction Act—Democrats’ signature legislation credited with creating a wave of clean-energy and battery manufacturing projects and jobs in Georgia—had “hurt Georgia more than it’s helping.”

The governor’s statement runs directly counter to reports showing that Georgia has reaped the benefits of the IRA more than any other state, both in terms of dollars invested and new jobs created. With Georgia winning more than 20% of new clean energy projects, the state is the runaway leader in clean energy investment nationwide. This has translated into thousands of new jobs created in the Peach State since the legislation went into effect, also number one in the nation.

“Governor Kemp is clearly scared of the truth and hopes if he says it enough other people will believe him, but the facts are not on his side. Georgia has benefited more than any other state from Democrats’ manufacturing and jobs creation policies,” said DPG spokesperson Alex Yerkey. “It’s plain to see that the biggest winners from the Inflation Reduction Act are the economy and the people of the state of Georgia.”

In addition to the jobs created and clean-energy investments spurred by the legislation, the IRA cuts health care costs for millions of Georgians. Specific provisions of the Act 1) cap out-of-pocket costs at $35/month for insulin users covered by Medicare, 2) cap Medicare patients’ prescription drug costs at $2,000/year, 3) empower Medicare to negotiate lower drug prices, and 4) lower insurance premiums across the board for both families and individuals, whether they get insurance through their employer or ACA exchanges. 

“If Governor Kemp wants to come out against making life-saving medicine affordable and accessible for our seniors, that’s his business,” continued Yerkey. “Democrats back home will remain focused on bringing good-paying jobs, a strong economy, and affordable healthcare to Georgians.”


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