GOP’s Rough Week: Loeffler Facing Expensive Intraparty Brawl After New Challenger Splits Georgia Republicans

January 31, 2020

Collins and Loeffler set to plunge GOP into “a brutal Republican-on-Republican” fight 

ATLANTA — It’s been a rough week for “political mega-donor” Kelly Loeffler and the Georgia GOP. After weeks of poor poll numbers and repeated failures to rally a “skeptical” Republican base, Loeffler is set to enter a bitter and expensive “all-out Republican feud” against ultraconservative Congressman Doug Collins. Already, she’s pouring millions of her vast fortune into the race to try and stay above water while out-of-state groups pummel the airwaves as part of a multimillion-dollar slugfest between the two candidates.

Meanwhile, Washington Republicans are scrambling to defend an increasingly vulnerable Loeffler by slamming Collins’ run as “selfish” and “shortsighted” while the state GOP continues to fracture, ramping up an already “fierce melee” within the party.

What’s the result of this latest “bitter Republican showdown”? It’s already leading to “a Republican Party rift that is poised to put Georgia in play for Democrats” as key political prognosticators today downgraded Republicans’ chance of holding Loeffler’s seat. 

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