GOP Senate Candidates Haven’t Responded to Walker’s Call for A Unity Celebration — Here’s What They’ve Said Instead

May 17, 2022

The rest of the Georgia Republican Senate field hasn’t responded to Herschel Walker’s call for a primary night ‘unity celebration’ a week from today. Instead, they’ve kept up a stream of scathing attacks on the Trump-tapped candidate for his problematic past, avoiding Georgia voters, stumbling over basic policy issues in “a string of gaffes, even with conservative interviewers,” and showing he isn’t up for the job.

Take a look at the brutal criticism from Walker’s own party:

Gary Black

  • “There’s a pattern of deflect, defer, run, hide, twist,” Gary Black told ABC News. “It’s unacceptable for service in the United States Senate. I think most Georgians are going to agree.”
  • “It’s a dumpster fire every time [Walker] gets around a microphone,said Black.
  • “If it’s Herschel Walker, the race will be about his noise,” said Black, calling Walker’s checkered history of violence “disqualifying” and imploring Republicans to ask whether Walker is “really a conservative.” 
  • Georgians “aren’t interested at all in voting for a staff that has to get up every morning and put their senator together,” said Black.
  • “We are trying to understand him but, frankly, we have no idea what the heck he’s talking about most of the time,” said Black’s spokesperson — warning that Walker’s candidacy “has potential to cost Georgia Republicans everything and America ceding the U.S. Senate to the Democrats again.” 

Latham Saddler

  • “If Herschel Walker won’t even debate me, he will lose to Raphael Warnock,” said Saddler in his new attack ad.
  • “Celebrities are not going to save us right now,” said Saddler. “We need real leadership, serious leadership in the United States Senate.”
  • “He doesn’t show up to debates. He doesn’t take questions whenever he rarely gets out on the trail,” said Saddler. “And he just moved over here after almost 30 years of living in Texas.”
  • “A vote for Herschel Walker in this primary is a vote for Raphael Warnock. Herschel is the fastest way to making Georgia blue again,” Saddler warned. “He’s not going to be able to beat Raphael Warnock.”
  • Saddler also made it clear that it’s “concerning” that Walker has “no policy positions” and is “isolated by his consultants.”

Kelvin King

  • “This is a campaign — not an autograph tour for those who can pay an access fee,” said King.
  • “Mr. Walker hasn’t lived in Georgia for over 30 years. He just registered to vote last summer, and he doesn’t really know what’s happening on the ground here,” King noted. “He hasn’t done any business here in Georgia. He hasn’t been here talking to people and understanding what the concerns are.”
  • “If you can’t face the Georgia primary voter, how will you be able to face Senator Warnock?” said King. 


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