GOP Rivals Go After Walker for Skipping Debates, Avoiding Voters, and Refusing to Speak on Georgia Issues

December 14, 2021

As Donald Trump and David Perdue drive the Georgia GOP into “political civil war” and Herschel Walker refuses to endorse embattled Governor Brian Kemp in a “dead heat” primary, Walker’s Republican rivals take aim at his “closed-door” Senate campaign:

  • Kelvin King: “If you can’t face the Georgia primary voter, how will you be able to face Senator Warnock?” In an interview with the Daily Wire, King went after Walker for skipping “a candidate forum and several major events,” while noting that the Trump-tapped candidate is proving he “can’t face” Georgians on the campaign trail.

“This primary is only getting messier as Republican rivals take aim at Herschel Walker for dodging debates, avoiding important questions from Georgia voters, and skipping major party events in favor of closed-door fundraisers,” said Dan Gottlieb, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia.  

Read more of what Republicans are saying about Walker’s “Very Controlled,” “Closed-Door,” “No Policy” campaign as Trump touts a Walker/Perdue tandem.


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