GOP Infighting Targets Herschel Walker as He Locks Down Trump Support & Looms Over #GASEN

July 26, 2021

Republican infighting in the Georgia Senate race reached new levels this weekend after a conspicuous Associated Press report was attributed to some in the GOP who have growing concerns about the direction of their primary. Here’s the latest developments:  

  • Conservative radio personality Erick Erickson said it was “an opposition research drop from Republicans who do not want Herschel Walker to get into the race.” 

The interference is notable and reflects the panicked infighting taking place in the Republican Party, but as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution wrote today, it is unlikely to have the outcome some want: “These sorts of reports exposing more details about [Walker’s] background aren’t likely to factor into his decision.”

“The infighting in Georgia’s Republican Senate primary is growing by the day as fellow Republicans take aim at Trump’s hand-picked candidate Herschel Walker. With Walker having locked down Trump’s support and nearing a decision on running, this primary is sure to escalate in the coming months,” said Dan Gottlieb, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. 

Read the latest from Republicans’ #GASEN primary chaos:

Marjorie Taylor Greene Claims Mitch McConnell ‘Dirty Politics’ at Work Against Herschel Walker
Newsweek, 7/24/21

  • Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Republican, claimed that Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, a Kentucky Republican, was playing “dirty politics” — after a former chief of staff for the top GOP lawmaker shared a negative article about former NFL player and potential Republican Senate candidate Herschel Walker.
  • “This is @LeaderMcConnell’s organized opposition research leak to dirty up @HerschelWalker and shared by Josh Holmes – McConnell’s former Chief of Staff and campaign manager. This is how dirty politics work,” the congresswoman tweeted. “McConnell doesn’t want Herschel bc he’ll be a champion for the people.”
  • Newsweek reached out to McConnell’s press representatives for comment, but did not immediately receive a response.

Negative Herschel Walker Stories Coming from Republicans Trying to Stop Trump’s Candidate
MSNBC’s Morning Joe, 7/26/21


  • The fact is actually there are a lot of Republicans on Capitol Hill that don’t want Herschel Walker to run. They don’t think he’ll be the strongest candidate in that Senate race. 
  • But Donald Trump loves Herschel Walker, he’s pushed Herschel Walker out there.
  • So right now when you see more and more negative things out there about Herschel Walker, that will be coming most likely from Republicans who are leaking or who are talking to news sources.
  • Because right now the Republicans in Washington D.C. think Walker would be a very weak general election candidate and are trying to actually stop Donald Trump’s candidate.

The Jolt 
Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 7/26/21

  • It’s anyone’s guess right now if Walker will actually do so. They do agree on one thing, though. These sorts of reports exposing more details about his background aren’t likely to factor into his decision.
  • His violent incidents and erratic tendencies are well documented, including in Walker’s own book. Walker’s rivals, from both parties, have compiled vast opposition research files.
  • So have Walker’s allies, preparing for the coming onslaught. They know what’s out there — and have a good idea what’s coming, too.


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