GOP Brawl Intensifies As Collins Gains New Allies Against Loeffler’s Millions

April 15, 2020

Intraparty attacks on “Loeffler’s corruption” show that Republicans’ Senate “battle royale” can only get worse as pro-Trump super PAC jumps into the fight

ATLANTA — Unelected “political mega-donor” Senator Kelly Loeffler has spent the past few weeks embroiled in a disastrous stock trading scandal that has forced her to do desperate damage control as she sinks with her own party’s voters. Now, Loeffler is facing another rough week as a pro-Trump super PAC follows Congressman Drew Ferguson in endorsing her rival, top Trump ally Congressman Doug Collins.

Great America PAC joins Ferguson in “breaking ranks” with Republican leaders after Republican House Speaker David Ralston already warned about “down-ticket damage” as a result of Loeffler’s scandal. And Collins’ new endorsements come as outside conservative groups backing Loeffler have gone off the air in Georgia, forcing Loeffler to rely even more heavily on her $20 million pledge she used to buy her Senate appointment.

But even as leaders within her own party, like Great America PAC’s chairman Ed Rollins, publicly attack “Loeffler’s corruption,” she still refuses to follow Senator Richard Burr’s example and call for a Senate Ethics investigation into her pandemic stock trading or answer basic questions about about “how her portfolio is managed and who does that work.” Instead, Loeffler is stuck in a “fight for her political life” in an intraparty “battle royale” while GOP leaders are getting “more than a little nervous” about their increasingly poor prospects in Georgia. 

“Senator Kelly Loeffler’s toxic stock trading scandal has only made Georgia Republicans’ intraparty brawl even worse,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “As Loeffler and Congressman Doug Collins continue attacking each other and dividing their party against itself, the only winners in this brutal multimillion dollar slugfest are Georgia Democrats.”


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