Georgians Voice Need For COVID Relief As Perdue Fails To Deliver in Washington

October 15, 2020

ATLANTA — Senator Perdue’s failure to deliver on COVID economic relief came under the spotlight today as Georgians voiced frustration by placing signs outside of Perdue’s office reading “pass covid relief,” and “Senator Perdue, your priorities are literally killing us!” 

As hundreds of thousands of Georgians lost their jobs due to the Trump administration’s botched handling of the pandemic, Senator Perdue railed against much-needed economic relief and has refused to take responsibility for Republicans’ failed negotiations –– yet he’s been “proud to support” Republicans’ plan to rush through the confirmation of an anti-health care Supreme Court nominee less than one month out from opening arguments in the GOP’s lawsuit to overturn the health care law and its critical protections. 

Georgians are rightly furious with Perdue’s lack of urgency and failure to deliver on economic relief since the Senate recently left town for a month only to go back to Washington and fail to advance a coronavirus stimulus package, leaving small businesses and working families at risk who still desperately need financial stability and health care. But just weeks later, Perdue wanted the Senate to “move with due haste” into the Supreme Court confirmation process. 

“Georgians are doing everything they can to get Senator Perdue to actually do his job for once and pass economic relief for small businesses and families still struggling from this virus, but he’s still not listening,” said Braxton Brewington, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Instead of playing politics and rushing through a Supreme Court confirmation process in the middle of an election, Perdue should listen to his constituents, for once, and pass real COVID relief.”


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