Georgians Demand Answers from Kemp & Perdue Ahead of GOP Primary Debate

April 24, 2022

This afternoon, before Brian Kemp and David Perdue’s first GOP gubernatorial primary debate, Georgians joined a press conference to raise several questions that voters deserve answers to from both candidates. From their harmful policies and their attempts to mislead Georgians on issues like gun safety, access to health care, education, and more — voters need to know where Perdue and Kemp stand.

Questions Kemp and Perdue must answer:

  1. After law enforcement officers, a pro-gun group, and mayors across the state voiced concerns, a poll showed 70% Georgians are opposed, revelations that over 5,200 Georgians were denied a concealed carry permit, and after data showed states that passed similar legislation became less safe — why do you still support “criminal carry” and what do you say to Georgians who are worried?
  2. Why do you oppose Medicaid expansion, even though that position threatens rural hospitals, drives up costs for Georgia families without coverage, blocks the creation of more than 64,000 jobs, and deprives more than 500,000 Georgians of access to coverage?
  3. Does Brian Kemp stand with David Perdue on his call to eliminate the state income tax?
  4. Is Brian Kemp willing to call out Donald Trump by name for his lies about the 2020 election?
  5. Over $10 billion has been cut from K-12 education in the last two decades, nearly $1 billion was cut by Kemp in 2020 alone, and Georgia ranks 38th in the nation for per-student funding. Why do you support policies that strip funds from public schools?
  6. If HB 1084 is signed into law, teachers will be restricted on what they can discuss in Georgia classrooms. Why do you think politicians know better than teachers, local school boards, and parents? And will you fire teachers who just want to teach students a complete and honest history of our country?

Download a recording of the press conference here.

“In just a few hours, Brian Kemp and David Perdue will take the stage for the first GOP gubernatorial debate — and boy, do they have a lot of questions that need answering. Both Kemp and Perdue oppose expanding Medicaid to half a million Georgians, both want to censor what’s taught in classrooms, and both support laws that make it easier for criminals to carry a gun in public,” said Congresswoman Nikema Williams, Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Brain Kemp and David Perdue are two sides of the same dangerous GOP coin – they’ll do anything as long as it helps their political careers, even if it means endangering Georgians, jeopardizing our kids’ education, letting hospitals languish, or hurting our state.”

“For generations, parents and teachers have worked together to ensure our children are prepared for the future, but Kemp and Perdue are attacking the important partnership between parents and educators. Their plans to control classroom discussion and interfere with local school curriculums is government censorship of the worst kind. The new criminal carry law, which does away with the permit requirement for carrying a gun in public, is a threat to public safety and makes me concerned about the safety of myself and my family,” shared Laura Judge, a Cobb County parent. “Anyone who is willing to attack teachers, jeopardize our kids’ education, and risk our lives just to support their political campaign does not deserve to serve as governor. Voters deserve substantive answers on issues that will impact our lives.”

“As governor, Brian Kemp has refused to expand Medicaid. He’s leaving billions of dollars in federal money on the table that could save lives right here in Georgia. And we know David Perdue wouldn’t expand Medicaid either. They both stand against this lifesaving policy simply because it’s not politically helpful for them,” stated Dr. Jamie Weisman, Atlanta physician. “Georgians across the state who are suffering due to Brian Kemp and David Perdue’s opposition to expanding Medicaid deserve to know — why do you oppose Medicaid expansion? The 500,000 Georgians who stand to benefit from Medicaid expansion deserve answers. The hospitals at risk of closing deserve answers. The doctors who only want to provide the best possible care and save lives deserve answers.”


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