Georgians Are Seeing Through Him: Top Reasons Why Herschel Walker Refuses to Debate Reverend Warnock

August 2, 2022

GOP Senate candidate’s lies, scandals, and bizarre statements have been put on full display

It’s been more than two months since Reverend Warnock committed to three general election debates against GOP Senate candidate Herschel Walker — and more than two months of Walker refusing to commit to debates despite previouscomments that he would debate Reverend Warnock “any day of the week.”

But it’s no wonder why: since entering the race, Walker’s lies, scandals, and bizarre statements have been put on full display across the state — “bar[ring] press,” “pushing away voters,” and showing Georgians he isn’t ready to represent the people.

One of the many reasons why Walker refuses to debate? 

Georgians are seeing through Herschel Walker, and he knows it.

  1. Valdosta Daily Times: “He has no grasp of public policy and no knowledge of issues that matter to the people of Georgia.”
  2. Georgia Recorder: “Refusing to debate is an act of disrespect, for the office and for voters trying to inform themselves.”
  3. Savannah Morning News: “The Walker campaign spends its time shielding him from all but the true believers and spinning his nonsensical comments, policy positions and lies.”
  4. Albany Herald: “Herschel Walker the Senatorial candidate is not great. He’s not good. He is, to put it kindly, an embarrassment.”


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