Georgia Veterans: Kemp and Perdue Must Denounce Trump’s Praise of Putin

March 2, 2022

Georgia veterans are condemning GOP gubernatorial candidates Brian Kemp and David Perdue’s silence on Donald Trump’s praise for Russian President Vladimir Putin as “smart,” “savvy,” and a “genius,” as thousands of Georgia-based U.S. troops from Fort Stewart deploy to Europe amid Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Beyond their failure to denounce his comments, both candidates are running ads featuring Donald Trump that attack each other and aim to support their campaigns.

“It’s crucial that we all stand with Ukrainians in their fearless resistance to Russia’s invasion — anyone applauding Putin’s invasion and attack against democracy must be wholly condemned. Donald Trump’s praise for Putin is un-American, and Republicans’ silence speaks volumes. Condemning Putin’s actions isn’t enough – the refusal to denounce Trump’s praise and remove him from campaign ads is an unacceptable condonation of praise for Russia’s invasion,” said Antwan Lang of Savannah, who serves in the Georgia National Guard.

“Not only have Kemp and Perdue failed to denounce Trump’s comments praising Putin, but they’re both running ads to support their campaigns which prominently feature the Putin sympathizer. Kemp and Perdue should put country and democracy over party and over their political ambitions, and remove the ads immediately. As someone who served our nation in uniform, I firmly believe that support for authoritarian leaders who attack freedom cannot be tolerated — Kemp and Perdue must denounce Trump’s praise of Putin,” stated John Jackson, a DeKalb County Marine Corps veteran and Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia’s Veterans and Military Families Caucus.

“Either Kemp and Perdue are too weak to condemn Trump’s praise of Putin, or their silence is meant to communicate tolerance for support of foreign dictators who threaten democracy across the world. While Perdue was a senator, he served on the Armed Forces and Foreign Relations Committees — he knows better than to support someone who’s actively praising Vladimir Putin’s invasion of a sovereign nation. Putting their gubernatorial campaigns over an endangerment to global democracy is despicable, but unfortunately it’s what we’ve come to expect from typical politicians like Kemp and Perdue,” said Courtney Driver, a Warner Robins Marine Corps veteran and Vice Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia’s Veterans and Military Families Caucus.


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