Georgia Veterans Condemn Perdue’s Silence on Trump’s Praise for Putin

March 7, 2022

This morning, ahead of Donald Trump Jr.’s campaign events with David Perdue, Georgia veterans held a virtual press conference condemning Perdue’s silence on Donald Trump’s praise of Russian President Vladimir Putin as “smart,” “savvy,” and a “genius” as thousands of Georgia-based U.S. troops from Fort Stewart deploy to Europe amid Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. Beyond his refusal to denounce Trump’s comments, Perdue is running ads featuring Trump to support his campaign.

On Saturday, David Perdue also appeared alongside Marjorie Taylor Greene at her “Second Amendment and Freedom Rally” despite backlash from Republican leaders over her recent appearance at a white supremacist conference where attendees cheered on the Russian invasion of Ukraine and praised Adolf Hitler before Greene’s remarks.

Download footage from the press conference here, and see quotes from speakers below.

“Trump’s approval of Putin is un-American — authoritarian leaders who attack democracy cannot be tolerated. For candidates running for our state’s highest office to continue to remain silent on these words is revealing, and to add insult to injury, Perdue is now joined by the former president’s son right here in Georgia on several campaign stops today across the state,” said Columbus City Councilmember Toyia Tucker, Air Force veteran. “There are times where we must put morality over politics and personal ambitions — this is one of them. As Georgia-based troops deploy to assist our allies in Europe, the public deserves to know if David Perdue will continue to stand with a Putin sympathizer for his own political benefit.”

“I speak to you today as a Marine who has trained against Russian threats for my entire career, and as an Afghanistan veteran who is appalled by Donald Trump’s embrace of Russian President Vladimir Putin. The fawning praise for Putin, hailing a dictator as ‘smart,’ ‘savvy,’ and a ‘genius,’ is made worse by David Perdue’s shameless embrace of Donald’s comments, reducing Perdue to simply a lapdog for a brutal dictator dedicated to damaging the United States,” stated Chuck Enderlin, a Marine Corps veteran from Newnan. “I’ve taken the oath of office under five presidents, deployed to combat zones, and know firsthand the damage that war brings to citizens. I’m disgusted by the fealty shown to a dictator and by David Perdue and Brian Kemp’s cowardice in refusing to denounce these comments.”

“When I heard David Perdue would be hosting campaign rallies with Donald Trump Jr. across Georgia, including in my city of Cumming, I was appalled. Just last week, Donald Trump issued glowing praise for Vladimir Putin amid his unprovoked invasion of Ukraine,” shared Jonathan Penson, a Georgia Air National Guard veteran from Cumming. “These comments are reprehensible and do not reflect America’s values as a nation. And yet — David Perdue stayed silent. He kept his mouth shut while continuing to run political ads featuring the former president. As a veteran who served our country for twenty-three years, I cannot stay silent while those who want to lead our state refuse to stand up for our values. And As Perdue campaigns with the former president’s son, I hope my fellow Georgians join me in calling out his silence.”


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