Georgia Veterans and Military Family Members Condemn Trump’s Remarks Against Armed Forces

September 4, 2020

Today, after details emerged in The Atlantic of President Trump reportedly calling fallen American servicemembers “losers” and “suckers,” Georgia Democrats, veterans, and members of the Georgia Veterans and Military Families for Biden Leadership Council responded:

Dr. Michael Owens, U.S. Marine Corps Veteran (1992-2000), DPG State Committee Member, and Former Chairman, Cobb County Democratic Committee:

“As bad as a gut shot this is for all members of the military community, this hits at an emotionally raw level for Marine Corps veterans across the country. According to these reports, President Trump has forever disparaged the lives of, arguably, the bravest Marines who have ever fought.  Those Marines suffered heavy injuries and losses in the 1918 battle of Belleau Wood. In fact, fighting the German offensive in this exact battle is where we earned the name “Devil Dogs” for our tenacity, ferocity and determination to stop the German advancement in the face of heavy machine gun fire and deadly, hand-to-hand combat. Calling my ancestral “Leathernecks” Losers and Suckers is an act of stupidly, moral cowardness and ignorance that I will never forget.”

Bryce Remkes, U.S. Air Force Veteran (2005-2014) and Air Force Academy graduate:

“In 2006, I escorted my best friend’s body to Arlington National Cemetery. She was an Air Force Academy graduate, a dedicated friend with a laugh that could turn heads, and most certainly not a loser. The experience of burying her in that sacred ground changed my life forever, yet is not uncommon amongst those who’ve actually served or loved someone who has. Donald Trump could never understand the loss that many veterans and family members carry with them daily because he’s never had to sacrifice anything in his privileged life. I pity him, for he will never understand the true cost of the freedom for which he has so benefited. I pity him, for he is the loser.”

Eustacia V. McCloud-Carter, Retired U.S. Air Force Veteran (1978-1998) and Secretary, Cobb County Democratic Committee:

“As someone who served their country gladly, I was deeply appalled by the comments of President Donald Trump. I served 20 years in the U. S. Air Force and retired with an Honorable Discharge. I served in the Communications Field and I was a Military Training Instructor. As a communications expert and instructor, I served our country all across the globe, from Texas to the Philippines, Korea and UAE. Every one of my fellow brethren wore the uniform of their service proudly.  Donald Trump doesn’t understand service to others and the willingness to lay down one’s life for the idea of America. It’s sad the very institution he shows disdain for, gives him the freedom. liberties, and ability to spew such distasteful comments. In spite of this President, the U. S. Armed Forces will continue to serve this country, in all its glory!”

Laura Walker, 25-year U.S. Army spouse and Chair, Muscogee County Democratic Committee:

“We have all known about Trump’s disrespect for the military service of some after his comments about Senator John McCain and the parents of Humayun Khan, an Army captain who was killed in Iraq in 2004. John McCain was a political opponent and Captain Khan’s family are Muslims who are not supporters of President Trump’s. That kind of disrespect was almost true to the Trump brand.

“The report that came out in The Atlantic yesterday was revolting. I didn’t think I could be more repulsed by our current president, but I should never underestimate the low quality of his character. When I think of the brave Rangers that my husband fought with during the Global War on Terror and in Somalia, and when I think of the Rangers that didn’t come back and the families who will grieve forever, I feel nothing but awe, sorrow, pride, and respect. Trump thinks of our military community as losers and suckers.

“I will never forget the disgust I feel now, hearing Trump’s true feelings about our military members, especially our fallen. I call on all Rangers and Ranger families to “Lead the Way.” Lead the way right to the polls to vote him out.”


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