Georgia Teens Celebrate Return to Normalcy Under Biden-Harris Administration

June 18, 2021

As Georgia teens wrap up the school year, they are celebrating the return of many normal activities that they missed out on last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic. From being set back due to the absence of in-person learning, to missing out on birthdays, school dances, and graduation ceremonies, young people had to sacrifice countless key moments over the last year.

Now, with vaccine distribution ramped up and life beginning to return to normal, teens are reflecting on the past year and how President Biden’s leadership has made them optimistic for the future.

WATCH: Teens Thank President Biden for Return to Normalcy

“As someone whose parents work on the front lines as an educator and doctor for the VA, I look forward to being able to go to school knowing that they’ll be safe doing the jobs they love serving both students and veterans.”

“Not only did President Biden make sure vaccinations were the number one priority, but he worked hard to expedite the process. Now, finally after a year, I can see my friends with no hesitation.”

“[President Biden’s policies] have allowed me, a high school student, to finally have a normal year back, which is wonderful.”

“As a high school student, I can finally go out and see my friends, and do things that all high schoolers do, rather than staying at home.”

“[This country’s new leadership] has liberated us students from the depths of fear and hopelessness for our futures.”

“This time last year, as COVID-19 cases were surging, youth across the country often felt the hopelessness of the coronavirus pandemic most acutely,” said Rebecca Galanti, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Thanks to President Biden and Democrats’ leadership, students and teens all across the country are returning to a sense of normalcy, with shots in arms, schools reopening, and high schools proms and graduations back on schedule.”


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