Georgia Statewide Leaders Slam Senator Perdue After He “Intentionally Flubbed” Senator Harris’ Name

October 20, 2020

Senator Perdue’s willful mispronunciation of Senator Kamala Harris’ name “inadvertently sparked a movement”

ATLANTA — Today, local elected leaders from across the state of Georgia slammed Senator David Perdue’s divisive and intentional mispronunciation of Senator Kamala Harris’ name in an ugly attempt to warm up the crowd for President Trump last Friday. 

Perdue has come under heavy fire for his remarks, sparking backlash from Georgians across the Peach State. His mockery led to an online movement using the hashtag #MyNameIs, where Georgians and Americans have been tweeting their own experiences of having their names mocked.

Perdue has yet to take any responsibility and instead deflected blame, telling WALB in Albany he “meant absolutely nothing by that,” an obviously unbelievable response.

Today, Georgia leaders are calling out Perdue for his use of fear and race-baiting mockery to divide us.

“Georgians refuse to let the diversity and resiliency of our state become overshadowed by the mockery and derision spouted by Senator Perdue against Senator Kamala Harris,” said State Representative Gloria Frazier. “If David Perdue thinks this is how he’ll win over Georgia voters, he is very sadly mistaken.”

“Georgians deserve so much more than Senator Perdue’s racist jab at Senator Kamala Harris, his failed leadership in Washington, and regurgitation of President Trump’s hateful words,” said State Senator Harold V. Jones II. “It’s past time Georgia has new representation in the Senate and that starts by voting out Senator Perdue.”

“The blatant disrespect from Senator Perdue by derisively mispronouncing Senator Kamala Harris’ name is exactly why he should not be representing the great state of Georgia. I condemn that kind of hurtful rhetoric and know that Georgians too will make their voices heard at the ballot box this election.” said Columbus Mayor Teresa Tomlinson. 

“Senator Perdue using a Trump rally to make jokes about Senator Harris’ name, a woman of color who’s been his colleague for years, only reveals what Georgians have already known – that Perdue is not the leader Georgia needs,” said State Senator Ed Harbison. “Unlike the handful at that Trump rally, Georgians know that racism and misogyny is no laughing matter.”

“Georgians aren’t surprised, but we are disappointed that Senator Perdue would willfully disrespect Senator Harris’ name in an attempt to warm the stage up for President Trump,” said State Representative James Beverly. “Perdue should absolutely apologize to Georgians for such an egregious display.”

“I’m appalled by Senator Perdue’s effort to mock the name of Senator Harris and thereby millions of Georgians, especially women of color, who experience this type of disrespect,” said State Representative Miriam Paris. “Rather than talk about issues that could improve the lives of people in our state, Perdue resorted to a cheap, classless tactic that he clearly learned from President Trump.”

“Senator Perdue used a national stage to try and disrespect and demean the only Black woman U.S. Senator because he can’t galvanize voters on the unpopular policies he’s running on like stripping away health care coverage,” said Mayor Van R. Johnson, II. “Perdue should apologize to the millions of Georgians who are rightfully offended by his remarks.”

“This moment in history calls for leaders who can unite us, and clearly, after Senator Perdue’s intentional mockery of Senator Kamala Harris’ name, Perdue is not the leader Georgia needs,” said State Senator Lester Jackson. “Our state’s ongoing effort to root out divisive language and racist gesturing can continue by voting out Senator Perdue.”

“By intentionally mispronouncing Senator Kamala Harris’ name, Perdue disrespected so many Georgia families. We need a leader who will represent all of Georgia, not take cheap jabs at women of color in an effort to save your losing campaign,” said State Representative Winfred Dukes.

“Black women and folks across Georgia know disrespect when we see it, and what Senator Perdue did at the Trump rally is a blatant, offensive display of racial mockery. He should apologize to Georgians and millions of Americans around the country.” said State Representative CaMia Hopson.


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