Georgia Republicans’ Disastrous Week in Review

June 11, 2021

Another week brought another slew of political antics by Georgia Republicans and signs of an increasingly out-of-touch, far-right GOP. 

Take a look at how Georgia Republicans continued to put political gamesmanship ahead of the needs of working Georgians this past week:

GA GOP Convention Shows a Fractured, Fringe Republican Party

Georgia Republicans Double Down on Conspiracy Theories

Republicans Use Election Lies As Platforms For Higher Office

“While the Georgia GOP spends all its energy on conspiracy theories and relentless relitigation of the presidential election, Democrats are delivering for working Georgians,” said Rebecca Galanti, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Voters see that Republicans are so focused on the past that they have no vision for the future, and that Democrats’ leadership is spurring record economic recovery and a return to normalcy. If Republicans keep up their shameless antics, the choice for Georgia voters will become even more clear come 2022.”


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