Georgia Republicans Continue Campaign to Restrict Reproductive Freedom

February 9, 2022

Today, the Georgia Senate will consider SB 456, the latest in a line of anti-choice bills that would restrict Georgians’ access to abortion care. SB 456 would require anyone who wants to access safe, FDA-approved medication abortion to visit a doctor in advance and undergo invasive and unnecessary physical exams.

This effort by Georgia Republicans under the Gold Dome comes as GOP leaders like Brian Kemp and Chris Carr continue their relentless anti-abortion campaign in Georgia. Leading Republican candidates in Georgia, including Herschel Walker and the entire GOP Senate field, also support banning abortion – even in cases of rape or incest.

“Georgia Republicans’ latest anti-choice bill is a shameful, transparent attempt to place more obstacles between Georgians and essential reproductive health care,” said Rebecca Galanti, spokesperson for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Republicans know that 70% of Georgians – an overwhelming majority – support access to abortion as protected by Roe v. Wade, yet they are continuing their relentless campaign to restrict and outright ban it. While Republicans double down on their egregious overreach into Georgians’ private medical decisions, Georgia Democrats remain committed to safeguarding reproductive freedom.”


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