Georgia House Democratic Caucus Releases Proposed Legislative Map

October 29, 2021

Today, the Georgia House Democratic Caucus released its proposed legislative district map for the 2021 special session on redistricting. Georgians continue to demand an open and fair process resulting in maps reflecting the growing diversity of our state. These maps, which were developed with careful consideration and input from stakeholders, demonstrate the Democratic Party’s commitment to a fair, transparent, and inclusive redistricting effort.

The Georgia House map, submitted by House Minority Leader James Beverly, redraws the state’s 180 House districts to improve representation of urban and suburban residents and non-white Georgia voters, a need which was clearly demonstrated by the 2020 Census. In addition, the House map incorporates input from both the Georgia House Democratic Caucus Statewide Tour and the Reapportionment Committee hearings that took place over the summer.

“Georgians have been clear in their request and our maps demonstrate we have listened to their input. As legislators we take a pledge, under oath, to serve and listen to our constituents and work in full view of the public–and will continue to remain accountable and employ fairness and transparency throughout this process,” said Beverly.

Georgia is one of the most diverse states in the country. As of April 2020, Georgia’s population was 50.1% white and non-Hispanic. This map fairly reflects Georgia’s diverse population and allow voters of color an equal opportunity to elect their candidates of choice, reflects the political preferences of Georgia voters, and reflects changing population trends within the state.

Georgia House Democrats encourage all Georgians to utilize the Joint Reapportionment online portal to provide feedback and comments on this proposal.

Click here to download more detailed files.


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