Georgia GOP Senate Candidates Stand Against Relief for Schools and Rural Communities

May 20, 2021

Communities across Georgia are about to start seeing billions of dollars in direct federal aid to fund public schools, boost public health efforts, invest in public infrastructure, and help families recover, thanks to relief secured by Georgia’s two Democratic senators. But if the GOP’s long list of current and potential U.S. Senate candidates had their way, Georgians wouldn’t be seeing a dime. 

That includes roughly $4.9 billion in funding for Georgia’s state government, along with hundreds of millions of dollars in direct relief to help more than 500 Georgia municipalities — urban, suburban, and rural — combat the pandemic’s economic devastation.

As Riley Bunch reported in the Valdosta Daily Times:

“Unlike the first round of relief that targeted states and large local governments, smaller cities and counties will see direct relief in their pocketbooks, too. 

“With new direct relief to cities and governments, local leaders will have their share of federal dollars to put toward boosting public health, investing in infrastructure, helping businesses recover, and supporting essential workers that remained on the job throughout the pandemic.

Local officials have broad discretion of distributing funds as guidelines have been left vague by lawmakers at the federal level.” 

“Not one Republican candidate would have voted to secure federal relief for Georgia families, schools and small businesses,” said Dan Gottlieb, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Whether your community is urban, suburban, or rural, the Georgia GOP’s Senate hopefuls have made clear they won’t stand with you if it means standing up to party leaders in Washington.”  


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