Georgia GOP rushes tax hike

April 11, 2011

Georgia – Republicans in the General Assembly are pushing forward with a hasty middle-class tax hike that has been re-written multiple times over the past few weeks.

The latest incarnation of HB 388 levies new taxes for DirectTV and Dish Network subscribers, cell phone users, and auto repairs while eliminating deductions for charitable gifts to churches and other non-profits, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The bill is projected to leave a $141 million dollar deficit in the state budget.

In addition, the bill’s latest language was stitched together from previous discarded versions during the legislative spring break, and became available to many state lawmakers for the first time this morning. With an expected vote on the bill today, this ‘rocket docket’ gives legislators and their constituents only hours to process these radical changes to Georgia’s tax code.

Nikema Williams, First Vice-Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia, says the hasty vote on a tax bill is unacceptable, “The Republican leadership is doing everything possible to make sure that the people of Georgia are silenced. They aren’t even allowing this bill to see the light of day before it’s voted on.”

State Democrats say that by giving only one day for this bill to be submitted, debated and voted upon, Republican politicians are rushing to pass unpopular legislation that harms middle-class Georgians.


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