Georgia Democrats Succeed at Social Media

February 9, 2012

Since January 1, 2012, the Democratic Party of Georgia has placed significant emphasis on expanding its non-traditional media.  Based on this plan, implemented by Communications Director Eric Gray, the party has reached a number of milestones in the first quarter of 2012.

  • In the past seven weeks alone, the DPG Twitter account has grown more than 50%, making Georgia Democrats first in the nation among Democratic State Parties.
  • In the past seven weeks, the DPG Facebook page has grown almost 17%, the sixth highest rate of growth among all Democratic state parties. Georgia Democrats are now tenth in the nation in “likes” and are doubling the national growth rate of about 7.50%.


“Social media and the ability to communicate swiftly and effectively is a key component to our democratic resurgence in Georgia. Being the most-followed state Democratic Party in the nation on Twitter is a tremendous benchmark,” said Chairman of the Democratic Party of Georgia Mike Berlon. “Thanks to the dedication and hard work from Eric Gray and all our staff.”

These new media successes are one key part of a broader strategy to re-engage Democratic voters throughout the state. “Whether it is on the internet through Twitter and Facebook, or through opening new brick-and-mortar headquarters like we did last weekend in Savannah, our goal is to reach all of Georgia,” said Berlon.“That’s the way that we’ll win in November and beyond.”


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