Georgia Democrats Slam Trump Administration’s Failed Record and Dangerous Agenda Ahead of Macon Visit

October 13, 2020

Atlanta — Yesterday, Donald Trump’s campaign announced yet another reckless rally planned for Georgia later this week. By now, it’s clear that Trump and his campaign know Georgia is a key battleground and are parachuting in to try and deflect from this administration’s failures for Georgia. But no amount of reckless rallies and events will distract Georgians from Trump’s failed record and dangerous agenda.

Georgians know that Trump downplayed COVID-19 and botched the response to this crisis. With Trump’s failed leadership, 215,000 Americans and 7,400 Georgians are dead, and our economy is in ruins with millions unemployed. It didn’t have to be this bad but Trump was incapable of handling a crisis and failed to lead responsibly.

Trump is desperately trying to dodge his track record of constant war against the Affordable Care Act. Now, he’s pushing through his nominee to the Supreme Court who has called the Affordable Care Act “illegitimate” and might vote to overturn it in the middle of a pandemic. If Trump gets his way, he would strip nearly 750,000 Georgians of their healthcare, and destroy protections for nearly 1.8 million Georgians with pre-existing conditions. 

“Donald Trump is once again visiting our state to hold a reckless campaign rally because he knows Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have the momentum with just three weeks to go until Election Day,” said Scott Hogan, Executive Director of the Democratic Party of Georgia. “Trump can try to distract from his disastrous record and agenda, but Georgians won’t be fooled. They have had enough of Trump’s failed leadership and assaults on their health care. That’s why no matter how many desperate campaign rallies Trump holds here, Georgians will turn out to vote for Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and Democrats up and down the ballot.”


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