Georgia Democrats, Seniors On 85th Anniversary of Social Security

August 14, 2020

Today, in honor of the 85th anniversary of the Social Security administration, Georgia Democrats held a press conference discussing the importance of Social Security for seniors across the country, and calling out Donald Trump’s numerous attacks on Social Security, including last week’s announcement that Trump would permanently eliminate the funding stream for Social Security and Medicare if he wins re-election.

“When Donald Trump was campaigning in 2016, he said again and again and again that he would not touch Social Security. But guess what? He lied,” said Gloria Jenkins, chairperson for the DPG Seniors Caucus. “In office, Trump has repeatedly tried to cut Social Security in the annual budget…. His attacks on safety net programs like Social Security make it clear that Trump doesn’t care about seniors. And this year, his lack of compassion coupled with his incompetence has had tragic consequences for older Americans.”

“Over 1.8 million Georgia seniors rely on Social Security, including my 95 year old father. Most seniors don’t have an investment banker or a fancy retirement fund — they’re counting on this program that has been there for Americans through generations,” said State Representative Mary Robichaux. “But Donald Trump doesn’t care about working people or the working families who have paid their dues. Instead, every single year, he has attempted to cut billions of dollars for Social Security and Medicare in his budget… Seniors need real leadership — leaders with the compassion, the plans, and the will to protect Social Security and make sure that every Georgian can get by. That’s Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.”

“Trump’s threats to defund Social Security represent some of the worst of his legacy of broken promises and the abject cruelty of this administration,” said State Senator Nan Orrock. “His office is supporting a lawsuit that would end the Affordable Care Act, he admitted to wanting to sabotage the Post Office, and over and over again during this pandemic, his failure to lead and refusal to act has led to the deaths of over 160,000 Americans. He is cruel, he is dangerous, and if he is allowed a second term, we will all pay the price and it will be a deadly price. We must stand together to protect and defend Social Security for today’s seniors and generations to come.”

The full recording of the press conference is available here.


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