Georgia Democrats Reflect on the Legacy of Senator Robert Brown

December 9, 2011

Georgia –   Georgia Democrats are remembering the strong leadership of former Senate Democratic Leader Robert Brown, who passed away at his Macon home.

A graduate from Mercer University, Brown began his political career on the local school board. His political skill was solidified in a close victory for his State Senate seat in 1991. “He was one of the brightest people I’ve ever worked with,” said former House Democratic Leader DuBose Porter. “One of the most loyal political friends you could ever have, a true believer.”

Senator Brown served as one of Governor Zell Miller’s floor leaders while working on a variety of issues for his constituents. His legislative accomplishments included the expansion of Macon’s Tubman Museum and saving the famed Douglass Theatre from demolition. He protected Peachcare for Georgia’s children, and recently fought against changes to the HOPE scholarship that he believed made the program unfair to middle-class students.

“Senator Brown held his caucus together during some legendary political battles,” said Democratic Party of Georgia Chairman Mike Berlon. “He was a valiant fighter for education and opportunity for everyone.”

Senator Brown was also known for his fire-and-brimstone speeches, often spicing up a sedate Senate with his quick wit and intellect. “Whether you agreed with Robert Brown or not, you respected him,” said Berlon. “Many of his political opponents made the mistake of underestimating him. They rarely made that same mistake twice.”

Behind the scenes, Brown had friends on both sides of the political aisle. He was a bright and loyal leader who offered a smile and handshake to even his biggest rivals.

“He will be missed,” concluded Porter. “Georgia lost a good man.”

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