Georgia Democrats On Passage Of House Bill 531 Through Georgia House

March 1, 2021

Today, after Georgia House Republicans sided with conspiracy theorists and misinformation spreaders by passing HB 531, legislation that would threaten millions of Georgia voters’ access to the ballot box, Congresswoman Nikema Williams, Chairwoman of the Democratic Party of Georgia, released the following statement: 

“Today is a dark, dark day in our state. Republicans voted as a caucus to enact the most blatantly racist attacks on voting rights in the South since Jim Crow, after losing in an election system they planned, built, and oversaw. Let history show that instead of fighting for our democracy, these cowards betrayed Georgia voters, threw out truth and facts, and attempted to undo Georgia’s legacy as a home for civil rights and accessible elections. 

“This fight is not over — Georgia Democrats will use every tool and arena to fight for Georgians’ right to vote until the power rests with the people, and not these desperate despots.”


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