Georgia Democrats Kick Off “Too Extreme GOP” Tour in Macon, Blast Chris West and GOP

July 29, 2022

Today, Georgia Democrats kicked off their “Too Extreme GOP” Tour with a press conference in Macon blasting Chris West and Republicans’ attacks on Georgians’ freedoms ahead of the 100-days-until-Election-Day mark this weekend.

Middle Georgia leaders at the event highlighted the contrast between Republicans’ extreme agenda of cutting Americans’ Medicare and Social Security benefits and pushing to ban abortion with no exceptions versus Democrats’ agenda of lowering costs and protecting freedoms for hardworking people.

“The contrast between what the people of Georgia must choose in November and what they have right now… This distinction is no longer hypothetical. It’s here right now, as we witness the aftermath of our conservative U.S. Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Georgians are already seeing what America would like if the GOP gains the majority in Washington… actually rolling back the rights and freedoms we’ve cherished for so long,” said Georgia House Minority Leader James Beverly.

“The right to marry the person you love. The right to safely cross state lines to access reproductive health care. The right to make the most private health care decisions a woman can make. According to our Republican representatives, these rights just aren’t worth protecting,” said Macon-Bibb County Commissioner Elaine Lucas.

“Roe v. Wade: overturned by a right-wing Supreme Court. Brian Kemp’s unpopular abortion ban taking effect in just the last few weeks. Actions like these have emboldened the GOP, in our state and across the country, to pursue an agenda centered around taking our rights away, not fortifying them for future generations,” said State Senator David Lucas. “The Republican Study Committee, which includes all eight of our GOP representatives in Congress, says it wants to cut Social Security and Medicaid. I wish they’d stop talking to their big corporate donors so much and spend time with seniors here in Georgia, who’ve not only relied upon and paid into but earned the benefits those programs provide.”


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