Georgia Democrats Hold Trump Accountable on His Record of Broken Promises and Disrespect of African American Community

November 8, 2019

Atlanta — Ahead of Donald Trump’s trip to Atlanta, Georgia Democrats are holding Donald Trump accountable by highlighting his record of broken promises to the African-American community — and calling out his weak attempt to pander to the community.

This morning, on the steps of the State Capitol, Democratic Party of Georgia Chair Nikema Williams, State Senator Harold Jones, Representative Derrick Jackson, Representative Shelly Hutchinson, Representative Donna McLeod, and the Reverend Timothy McDonald joined to address Trump’s failures with the community — from his terrible health care record, to his reckless tax scam for the rich — he’s been ineffective at every turn. Here’s what these leaders said:

“When we look at what’s mattering in everyday people’s lives – whether they have access to health care, if they have enough to cover their tax bill, if they feel safe in their community — Donald Trump has proven time and time again that he will consistently fail to meet his promises, and consistently work against us,” said Democratic Party of Georgia Chair Nikema Williams.

“Donald Trump loves to brag about the economy, but his reckless agenda has done nothing for black entrepreneurs like myself — and if anything has made it harder to operate as a woman of color-owned business,” said State Representative Shelly Hutchinson. “His corporate tax giveaway did plenty for big corporations and the richest 1% of Americans — but the rest of us got next to nothing. And for black Americans, the results were even worse.”

“Donald Trump doesn’t really care about black communities or crime rates,” said State Senator Harold Jones. “What he cares about are his out-of-touch and failed policies of mass incarceration that have robbed too many black men of their lives as part of a legacy of systemic racism and oppression.”

“Donald Trump and Republicans have collectively lodged an all-out assault on healthcare in our state, threatening coverage, threatening higher costs, and threatening care,” said State Representative Donna McLeod. “His attempts to repeal American health care and cut funding to clinics threaten to make Georgia’s already poor maternal mortality rating for Black women even worse.”

“In our country, the oath of office is supposed to mean something — because service to your country and your fellow man is the most serious commitment you can make,” U.S. Veteran and State Representative Derrick Jackson said. “As soon as Donald Trump took the oath, he has been breaking his word to Americans — and in November 2020, we will be ready to send him home.”

“In words and in deeds, Donald Trump has been a disaster for Americans of all backgrounds — but his attacks on the black community have been particularly dangerous and harmful to Americans already facing a long history of oppression and systemic discrimination – a history that beats through the heart of this city,” said Reverand Timothy McDonald. “For Donald Trump to come to Atlanta — the home of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the birthplace of the American Civil Rights Movement, the cultural home of black America — is a slap in the face to black Georgians across our state, and an outrage to people of color across our country.”


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