Georgia Democrats Continue “Too Extreme GOP” Tour in Albany, Blast Chris West and GOP

August 4, 2022

Today, Georgia Democrats continued their “Too Extreme GOP” Tour with a press conference in Albany blasting Chris West and Georgia Republicans’ attacks on Georgians’ fundamental rights and freedoms. Speakers called out Republican attacks on Georgia seniors’ Social Security and Medicaid, opposition to Democratic efforts to lower costs for families, and push for a national abortion ban.

The tour is part of a national “Too Extreme GOP” campaign from the Democratic National Committee (DNC) to highlight the contrast between Republicans’ extreme agenda of cutting Georgians’ Medicare and Social Security benefits versus Democrats’ agenda of lowering costs and protecting the rights of hardworking Americans.

“As we witness the votes of Georgia’s eight congressional Republicans over the last few weeks, we come to understand that Georgians’ health and economic wellbeing is at risk, thanks to the GOP’s extreme agenda,” said State Sen. Freddie Powell Sims. “Republicans in Congress are also opposing Democrats’ efforts to cap the price of insulin for diabetics, and also to lower prescription drug costs for every Georgian and every American. Nobody should have to choose between life-saving medication and putting food on the table.”

“As a nurse, I know how important it is for folks in our state, especially in rural Georgia, to access health care. For seniors, working to ensure that access is even more critical. But the Republican Study Committee, which includes all eight of our GOP representatives in Congress, says it wants to cut Social Security and Medicaid,” said Joyce Barlow, Candidate for House District 151. “What the GOP wants for Georgia is clear: give them power in D.C., and they will attack our constitutional rights. We just can’t afford the Republicans’ extreme agenda, and we can’t afford sending an out-of-step, ultra-MAGA wannabe like Chris West to represent Georgia’s second congressional district in Washington.”


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