Georgia Democrats Call Out Chris West’s Push for Total Abortion Ban, Continue ‘Defend Choice’ Week of Action

July 15, 2022

Today, Georgia Democrats continued their Defend Choice Week of Action in Columbus by calling out GOP nominee Chris West’s push for a total abortion ban without exceptions for rape or incest. 

Local Democrats highlighted how Chris West’s push to completely outlaw abortion is dangerous for women and wildly out of touch with voters in Georgia’s 2nd congressional district, and outlined the stakes of the midterm elections for protecting reproductive freedom and standing up for Georgia women.

“Nobody embodies out-of-touch politics more than the Republican nominee for Georgia’s second congressional district, Chris West, who supports a total abortion ban with no exceptions – not even for victims of rape or incest. That’s not something Democrats, Republicans, or Independents in this district want. A national abortion ban with no exceptions isn’t just wildly out of touch with what folks in Georgia’s 2nd want, it is deeply dangerous to the women who live here,” said Laura Walker, Former Chair of Muscogee County Democrats. “Democrats in Columbus and Muscogee County are fired up, and we will not sit by silently while Chris West runs a campaign to strip Georgia women of their rights.”

“Chris West’s anti-abortion stance is dangerous and infringes on Georgians’ freedoms. It’s a disrespect to doctors who don’t want government intrusion into their examination rooms. It’s a disrespect to women in this district who don’t want politicians’ making their private medical decisions. It’s just wrong,” Dr. John Van Doorn, Former Chair of Muscogee County Democrats. “We’ve got to continue speaking the truth about Chris West’s dangerous push for a total abortion ban, and do everything we can to re-elect Congressman Bishop in November to protect our rights and freedoms.”


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