Georgia Democratic Chairman Mike Berlon Releases Statement on the GOP’s Baseless Concerns about President Obama’s “Our Stripe” Flag Print

September 20, 2012

ATLANTA – This afternoon, Georgia Democratic Party Chairman Mike Berlon released a statement concerning the GOP’s baseless concerns regarding President Obama’s “Our Stripe” Flag Print:

“The Georgia GOP’s and Tea Party’s assertion that President Obama’s “Our Stripe” Flag Print somehow is an affront to the American Flag or what it stands for is simply baseless and inaccurate. As a student of history I know what the American Flag means as a symbol of our country. I still have the one presented to my Grandfather when he became a U.S. citizen.

“The “Our Stripe” Flag Print is an item that comes nowhere close to meeting the legal definition of the American Flag.

“I find it remarkably hypocritical that the Republican Party and the Tea Party would criticize the President after doing the same for quite some time.  The Atlanta Tea Party has a similar American Flag logo on its website replacing the stars with their own name and there is a wide array of Romney-Ryan gear on sale using their logo in the same way.

“Instead of wrapping themselves up in the Flag, Republicans would be better served by discussing the issues that make Georgia and America stronger.

“The fact that Democrats have a better logo isn’t news. It’s just better marketing”.

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