Georgia Democratic Candidates React to Trump’s $750 In Income Taxes

September 28, 2020

Last night, breaking news from the New York Times revealed that Donald Trump paid just $750 in federal income taxes, while Georgia families have worked hard to pay their fair share.  Read what Georgia Democratic candidates have to say:

Sara Tindall Ghazal, Democratic candidate for House District 45:

“Yesterday’s news makes clear that our country’s laws are built to serve only the wealthiest among us, leaving hard-working Georgians to pick up the tab. That’s the case here in Georgia where Republicans like my opponent vowed never to raise taxes, then did just that by voting for tax policy that hurts the middle class and Georgia workers. This fall, we can elect new leaders from the state house to the White House who will build a government that truly works for the middle class, small businesses, and Georgia workers.”

William Harris, Democratic candidate for House District 73:

“Make no mistake–Trump avoided paying his share while veterans go homeless and children go hungry. The average American pays more than $8,000 a year in federal taxes while Trump pays $750. He benefits from our domestic tranquility, our common defense, our general welfare, and the blessings of our liberties without contributing to them.

This is why we need to elect more working class people. When our government starts to look more like us and less like an entrenched political class then maybe we’ll see more fair and balanced policies that don’t just benefit the rich.”

Joyce Barlow, Democratic candidate for House District 151:

“While Donald Trump gets away with paying $750 in taxes, the people of my district lack basic access to health care and the resources to provide for their families during this pandemic. Coronavirus hit Southwest Georgia with a resounding punch, and even while we recover, we are on the brink of another rural hospital shuttering.

The expansion of Medicaid would have helped this hospital and those that became compromised because of COVID-19. Yet, the pandemic is not over. To move forward on a real path to recovery, Georgia and our country need leaders beholden to people and not to their own interests.”


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