Georgia Democrat, Labor Leader Slam President Trump’s Broken Promises to Georgians

July 14, 2020

ATLANTA — Ahead of Donald Trump’s trip to Atlanta tomorrow, TWU Local 527 President BenYoel Morgan and State Representative Teri Anulewicz released the following statements:

“Transport workers have been pummeled by this pandemic, but we’re still showing up, working hard, and putting ourselves on the line to keep Georgia moving. But instead of having our backs, Donald Trump has left working Georgians out to dry. At least 600,000 Georgians are out of work, and more than 116,000 have contracted the virus. We don’t need a photo op. We need tests and personal protective equipment so we can all get back to work safely. Georgians won’t be fooled by Trump’s empty rhetoric tomorrow — there’s only one candidate with a plan to fight for working families, and that’s Joe Biden.” — Transport Workers Union of America, AFL-CIO Local 527 President BenYoel Morgan

“On the campaign trail, Donald Trump promised he’d reform our crumbling transit system – but as we learned early on in his administration, he rarely keeps a promise. Instead of investing in our infrastructure, he gave up after only one month of work with his infrastructure council and instead repeatedly proposed budget cuts that would slash essential services Georgians depend on. Now, not only is metro Atlanta’s transit system in dire need of critical updates, and our rural areas in serious need of access, our community is suffering because Trump failed to protect Americans from COVID-19. We need a President who can help us rebuild our country from this health crisis, and put together smart policy so we can get back on track. We need Joe Biden.” — State Representative Teri Anulewicz  


PROMISE: On the campaign trail in 2016, Trump promised Georgians that he’d improve their infrastructure, saying “What I do best is build. Think of it, to have a president that knows construction better than anybody, and we have an infrastructure that’s crumbling. our roads, our highways, our airports.” [Trump Campaign Rally, Norcross GA, 10/10/15]

REALITY: Trump has repeatedly proposed budget cuts to transit programs, directly impacting Georgians. Trump’s proposed cuts to the Department of Transportation, include cuts to the Essential Air Service program, which subsidizes the airport in Macon, Georgia. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 2/14/19]

REALITY: “Trump, who has repeatedly said he wants to improve the nation’s infrastructure, abruptly walked out of a meeting with leading Democrats on Wednesday and declared there would be no “investment” until congressional investigations into his personal finances and administration cease.” [Washington Post, 5/26/19]

REALITY: In August 2017, Politico reported that President Donald Trump’s infrastructure council would “not move forward,” just one month after the president signed an executive order to formally create the group. [Politico, 8/17/17]


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