GA Senate Republicans Pass FADA, Promoting State-sanctioned Discrimination

February 19, 2016

Release:  Friday, February 19, 2016                                                                                               


Georgia Senate Republicans Pass FADA, Promoting State-sanctioned Discrimination



Atlanta, GA – Today, the Georgia State Senate passed the so-called First Amendment Defense Act (FADA). Using every trick in the political maneuvering playbook, Republicans passed the bill out of an unlikely committee and used a procedural maneuver to stifle dissenting voices.


Democratic Party of Georgia Communications Director Michael Smith issued the following statement on today’s vote.


“Senate Republicans manipulated the rules to sidestep public input. They know that a majority of Georgians do not believe in discrimination and exclusion. Those aren’t our values. That’s not who we are.


“If this piece of legislation is signed in to law, millions of hard-earned tax dollars will be spent to get the radical right’s paw prints out of the henhouse. This bill is not only an attack on the dignity of LGBTQ families, but an attack on all families and an attack on our state’s reputation. This bill is bad business and nothing more than a vulgar political stunt wielded by politicians who want to erase the progress we’ve made as a country.


“Democrats will continue to fight these types of disingenuous attacks on Georgia families, and will continue to fight for a more just and equal state.”


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