GA Dems hit Mike Pence on outsourcing as he speaks in Dalton

August 31, 2016

Democrats hit Mike Pence on outsourcing as he speaks in Dalton

Atlanta Journal Constitution / August 30, 2016


As Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence prepares to speak this afternoon in Dalton, Georgia Democrats are letting voters know that the Indiana governor’s choice of venue is ironic at best.

The party points us to a recent article in the Indianapolis Star questioning Pence’s bona fides on Trump’s plans to bring U.S. jobs back to the U.S. The paper said in a story this past Sunday:

As Donald Trump’s running mate, Gov. Mike Pence is campaigning for a man who has promised to penalize companies that ship jobs overseas.

But since Pence became governor in 2013, the state has awarded millions of dollars in economic development incentives to companies that have moved production to foreign countries such as Mexico and China. Those production shifts have cost thousands of Hoosiers their jobs during Pence’s time in office.

What makes it a local issue is that Dalton, still famous for its carpet industry, in 2012 became known as the “town with the past year’s worst job loss,” according to an NPR piece at the time. The title came after years of downsizing, consolidation and outsourcing in the flooring industry.

A story this past January by The Times Free Press found that the city still hasn’t recovered and won’t for some time.

“Mike Pence sure does have a lot of gall coming to Georgia and telling us how the Trump/Pence agenda will benefit our workers,” Democratic Party of Georgia spokesman Michael Smith said. “In Indiana, he’s throwing millions of dollars in incentives to companies that ship American jobs overseas. And the man he wants to be president would rather create jobs in China and Mexico than invest in the American people. They’ve destroyed too many families’ livelihoods already—we don’t need Trump or Pence putting the entire country at risk.”


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