GA Democratic Chair Mike Berlon Remarks on Presidential Debate

October 3, 2012

Georgia – Democratic Party of Georgia Chairman Mike Berlon releases the following statement regarding the first Presidential debate:

“Tonight’s Presidential debate illustrated the incredible chasm and stark differences that exists between the policies of President Obama and those of Mitt Romney.

“Romney’s tax plan is not only unworkable but is nothing more than an absolute fantasy. His assertions that cutting taxes for the rich somehow equates to increasing revenue and benefits for everyone, including the middle class is simply impossible.

“Instead of trying to overpromise tax cuts and break the backs of the middle class, Governor Romney needs to face the hard reality. Tax cuts for the rich like his have never created jobs. They have just made the rich richer and eroded the middle class – the backbone of America.

“Romney’s suggestion that there will be no changes to Social Security and Medicare is nothing more than a bald face lie.  Either he isn’t listening to his running mate Paul Ryan on the idea of vouchers or he simply doesn’t understand the issue.  ‘Premium support’ is nothing more than the privatization of health insurance. His proposal is simply an effort to privatize the system for the benefit of companies he supports to the detriment of the American people. To Romney, it’s all about profit, not care for American citizens.

“Romney’s idea that America prospers by cutting business regulation is absolutely insane.  Deregulation caused the economic collapse that crippled America.  To suggest that removing these safeguards in order to get banks to make more loans is the height of lunacy.

“Finally, for Romney to suggest that the Affordable Health Care Act is not workable is both a tragic mistake and the height of hypocrisy.  Romney modeled it.  Obama passed it.  They are almost identical. Now Romney’s against it. It’s crystal clear that he’ll say anything to get elected.

“It’s time for us to move forward and reinvest in the American dream. That won’t happen under a Romney Administration.”

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