Four Things We Learned From Walker Last Week

October 5, 2021

It’s been 42 days since Herschel Walker entered the race for Georgia’s U.S. Senate seat, but since he hasn’t held public events (excluding a Trump-organized rally) or talked to Georgians (excluding high-dollar donors), we’re forced to piece together what he thinks from interviews he’s done — almost exclusively with national, right-wing media outlets and conservative hosts.

Here are the four things we learned from Walker last week:

  • Walker went on conservative radio host Glenn Beck’s show, where he questioned why the United States is not “not putting money…right now into this pandemic,” — despite his party’s opposition to the American Rescue Plan, which provided $8.3 billion in funding for Georgia state and local governments to combat the pandemic, keep first responders on payroll, and reopen schools; plus funding to keep American businesses on track and boost vaccination efforts.
  • In the same interview, Walker doubled down on his opposition to the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill that will create good-paying jobs in Georgia and help repair the state’s roads, bridges, public transit, water pipes, and more. Walker went on to claim that the bill is being “slipped under your nose” and doesn’t need to address climate change because we have some of “the cleanest air and water in the world.” 
  • After claiming he wants to unite Americans during his Trump rally speech, Walker walked off stage and promptly held up an “IMPEACH BIDEN” sign for a photo-op alongside Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene. 
  • On Fox & Friends, Walker told the hosts that Trump would serve his campaign as the “quarterback sitting on a couch, watching me play” — making clear that the former president will be one of the most influential people in his campaign. 


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