Flip-Flops, Endorsements, and Slights in Chaotic #GASEN Primary

September 1, 2021

Walker “not getting involved” with Kemp, Collins backing Black, and Carter endorsing Walker

The divisions in Georgia Republicans’ chaotic Senate primary continue to grow as Trump’s hand-picked candidate Herschel Walker refuses to back Governor Brian Kemp and GOP leaders start to throw their weight behind opposing candidates in what is shaping up to be a long primary fight. Here’s the latest:

  • It’s been just one week in the race and Walker is already flip-flopping on his support for Governor Kemp. After backing the governor in 2018, Walker is now refusing to support him — with his campaign noting that he “is not getting involved” in the race. Kemp has become a prime target of Trump’s vengeance since his 2020 presidential election loss in Georgia.

“Collins is endorsing Black, Carter is endorsing Walker, and Walker is dissing Kemp as this chaotic GOP inter-party fight continues to grow,” said Dan Gottlieb, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “No matter who makes it through this long, divisive, and expensive Republican battle, it’s clear that none of these candidates are focused on the issues that matter most to Georgians.”

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