Five Key Questions Senator Kelly Loeffler Still Needs to Answer

March 24, 2020

Loeffler continues dodging key questions about her and her husband’s stock sell-off scandal in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic as she downplayed the threat of the outbreak

ATLANTA — It’s been days since the bombshell report on unelected “political mega-donor” Senator Kelly Loeffler’s stock sell-off scandal, but Loeffler still hasn’t answered critical questions about her dumping stocks after a private Senate briefing but publicly downplaying the threat of the coronavirus pandemic. 

It’s past time for Loeffler to give Georgia voters answers on five key questions surrounding her shady stock trading scandal:

  1. Why has Loeffler still not called for a Senate Ethics Committee investigation of her actions, like her fellow Senator Richard Burr did days ago?
  2. If she knew about stock sell-offs by February 16th, why did she later claim on March 10th that “the economy is strong?” 
  3. Who was the unnamed “third party advisor” who Loeffler claims made these trades along with a member of her “personal family office”?
  4. Did Loeffler ever discuss her private Senate coronavirus briefing with her husband, Intercontinental Exchange CEO and New York Stock Exchange Chairman Jeffrey Sprecher, who also was caught dumping millions in stock in a transaction reportedly initiated potentially just two days after that closed-door briefing?
  5. Why is Loeffler refusing to follow the example of her predecessor Senator Johnny Isakson and put her fortune in a blind trust?

Already, a growing chorus of voices including the New York Times and Savannah Morning News have called for an investigation of Loeffler at the highest possible levels, and even members of her own party have criticized her as “unfit to represent Georgia” while worrying about “down-ticket damage” from her scandal. 

“After publicly downplaying the coronavirus threat but selling off up to millions worth of stocks, Senator Loeffler owes Georgians clear answers, but instead she’s been dodging questions and ducking local media even as members of her own party denounce her unethical behavior,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “If Senator Loeffler really has nothing to hide, she should have no problem answering these critical questions and submitting to full investigations.”


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