FACT CHECK: Kemp & Perdue’s “Criminal Carry” Law Makes Georgia Less Safe

April 24, 2022

During the GOP gubernatorial primary debate, happening now on WSB-TV, Brian Kemp and David Perdue are continuing to mislead Georgians on the public safety impact of their new “criminal carry” law, which creates a gun safety loophole that makes it easier for criminals to carry a hidden, loaded gun in public without a permit.

After being reminded time and time and time again of the opposition and proven public safety risks, Kemp and Perdue must be held accountable for their attempts to mislead the public on “criminal carry” and the danger it poses to Georgia families.

The facts on Georgia’s “criminal carry” law:

Widespread opposition: Law enforcement officers and a pro-Second Amendment group have voiced concerns about the new law, mayors across the state urged Kemp to reconsider before signing it into law, and a poll has shown that 70% of Georgians are opposed to the dangerous initiative. “Criminal carry” laws have also faced opposition from law enforcement officers across the nation in AlabamaIndianaLouisianaOhioSouth CarolinaTennessee, and Texas.

Proven danger: States that have weakened their firearm permitting system saw up to a 15% increase in violent crime and states that passed permit-less carry laws saw spikes in aggravated assaults with a gun up to 65%. Georgia already has the 17th highest rate of gun deaths in the nation, and its rate of gun deaths increased 41% from 2011 to 2020.

Read more about Kemp and Perdue’s reckless “criminal carry” law here.


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