Excerpts from Press Call of Georgia Democrats Responding to Donald Trump’s Disrespect Toward Veterans

June 3, 2016

For Immediate Release
June 3, 2016


Excerpts from Press Call of Georgia Democrats Responding to Donald Trump’s Disrespect Toward Veterans


Today, Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams, Georgia Senator Ed Harbison, and Army Veteran Mike Rasbury hosted a press call to hold Donald Trump responsible for his disrespect toward veterans and his dangerous worldviews.


Trump has been touting his support for veterans since launching his campaign, but the truth is that he’s mainly looking out for himself. And over the past few days we’ve heard reports that his bogus Trump University scammed veterans, and he fired an Iraq War veteran from Trump U because of her military commitments.


A link of the audio recording can be found here and the recording is available for download here. Please find excerpts below from the call as prepared for delivery.



Georgia House Minority Leader Stacey Abrams


Georgia is home to 10 active military bases, more than 750,000 veterans and well over 70,000 active duty military personnel. The Georgia House Democratic Caucus launched A Promise Kept initiative aimed at fulfilling our obligation to Georgia’s military families and veterans.



We can never forget that the brave sons and daughters of Georgia are among those fighting on the front lines. And we are taking the necessary steps to ensure that those who have fought for our freedom are entitled to. Our veterans should expect commitment from the next person who occupies the White House.


As a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, I am deeply alarmed by the reckless rantings I have heard from Donald Trump. Trump’s weak understanding foreign policy will only put our troops in harm’s way. He has threatened to undo generations of progress in global affairs by ending important military alliances like NATO, withhold aid from our allies like Israel, and wants to push countries that don’t currently have nuclear weapons to get them.


America needs allies around the world — but Donald Trump has picked fights with our close allies and concerned world leaders with his reckless, incoherent vision for America’s role in the world. We cannot put our troops in harm’s way or destroy decades-old alliances. Quite frankly, Donald Trump is dangerous and untested. He lacks the judgment or temperament to lead our great nation.


Georgia Senator Ed Harbison


Trump has often spoken about his commitment to veterans on the campaign trail; however, it’s time for him to walk the walk. Trump promised to donate $6 million to veterans groups, only to lie about how much he actually raised and attack the media for holding him accountable. He also slammed Vietnam veteran Senator John McCain by saying the former GOP presidential candidate was “not a war hero,” and he was only considered one “because he was captured.”



Donald Trump has no real understanding of the many issues that veterans face. For example, his partisan plan to privatize the VA would undermine our veterans’ ability to get the medical care they were promised and deserve.


Veterans have unique health care concerns and challenges, and the VA needs to be able to meet those needs.  Creating a private system would force veterans into a private health insurance market that can’t handle their specialized needs. Moreover, polls show that 64 percent of veterans oppose efforts to privatize the VA system – with 54 percent in strong opposition. The American Legion and VFW are also staunchly opposed to privatization.


I proudly served our country in uniform, and can attest to the tremendous sacrifices servicemen and women have made on behalf of our nation. Our veterans deserve so much more than platitudes and praise.  We need a president who will honor our service by ensuring access to high-quality health care, access to affordable education, and opportunities to transition from combat to careers.


Army Veteran Mike Rasbury


Donald Trump is touting his support for veterans this week but here is the truth: Donald Trump is a fraud whose only concern is what’s in it for him.



While I don’t agree with Senator McCain on a number of issues, I honor his sacrifices to our nation. These types of attacks seem to be an integral part of the GOP playbook. Trump cannot claim to respect veterans, and then attack a decorated POW. Again, this seems straight of the Republican playbook. He GOP has attacked Max Cleland, Rep. Tammy Duckworth, and Secretary John Kerry for their heroic service.


Trump promised to donate $6 million to veterans groups, only to lie about how much he actually raised and then tried to weasel out of donating any money at all until he was caught trying to cheat his way out of paying up. And then he attacked the media for trying to hold him accountable!


I am equally outraged that Trump University scammed veterans. CNN reported that a retired Navy vet who spent 40 years in the service forked over $26,000 for classes only to get nothing in return.  An Iraq war veteran also claims she was fired by Trump University after asking for time off to serve in the Army Reserve. She also alleges that one of her supervisors called her a “weekend warrior,” a highly derogatory term for reservists.


We need to ask ourselves whether we can truly trust a man like Trump to faithfully serve in our nation’s highest office. And the answer is that we cannot.



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