Excerpts from Press Call in Advance of Cruz’s GA Visit with DPG Latino Caucus Chair Antonio Molina

December 18, 2015

Release:  Friday, December 18, 2015                                                                                              


Excerpts from Press Call in Advance of Cruz’s Georgia Visit with Democratic Party of Georgia Latino Caucus Chair Antonio Molina



Atlanta, GA – Today, as Ted Cruz begins a two day swing through Georgia, Democratic Party of Georgia Latino Caucus Chair Antonio Molina held a press call outlining just how dangerous the policies of Ted Cruz and the Republican Party are for the Hispanic community. Find excerpts of the call below.


“It’s been two years since the GOP released their autopsy report, and the only thing that has changed is that the Republican Party’s divisive, xenophobic rhetoric has gone from bad to worse.


“2013’s autopsy recommended that the Republican Party change how they ‘engage with Hispanic communities to welcome in new members of our Party.’


“Well, look no further than Ted Cruz’s immigration plan—a plan he touted on Tuesday night in Los Vegas—to see how the GOP “welcomes” my community.


“Cruz’s plan would end the 14th amendment’s guarantee to birthright citizenship. It would limit legal immigration, and suspend the popular H1-B visa program for high-skilled foreign workers. Cruz has also vowed to undo President Obama’s executive actions to keep families together. Ted Cruz is more interested in emulating immigration extremists like Donald Trump and Marco Rubio than in actually improving the lives of Georgia’s immigrant families.



“The complete and utter disdain Ted Cruz and his Party have for the Hispanic community is evident, and we are listening and we are watching. And we will remember when we head to the polls next November.


“Democrats believe that immigrants make our country stronger. And while Ted Cruz and the GOP degrade and dismiss immigrants and the Hispanic community, Democrats will continue to work to keep families together. And we will continue to hope that the Republican Party will stop playing politics and join us in our efforts.”

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