Excerpts from Chairman Porter’s Press Call re: GOP Presidential Contenders

May 15, 2015

Today—as Georgia Republicans gather in Athens for their state convention—Democratic Party of Georgia Chair DuBose Porter held a press call to highlight the out-of-touch and extreme views held by visiting GOP presidential contenders. Here are a few excerpts of Chairman Porter’s remarks:


“This weekend, Georgia Republicans are holding their state convention in Athens. While their usual suspects—like Nathan Deal, Johnny Isakson, and David Perdue—will be on hand to share their out-of-touch vision for our state with the party faithful, the GA GOP has outsourced some primetime speaking spots to a few of their presidential hopefuls.”


“To anyone who’s paying attention, these introductions aren’t necessary. It’s like the clown car just rolled in to town. We know enough about these three men to know that Georgians cannot afford what they are offering.”



On Chris Christie


“While I’m sure he claimed to be a problem-solver who ‘gets things done,’ let me fill you in on a few missing pieces of his resume. Christie’s administration has driven New Jersey’s economy into the ditch by giving massive tax breaks to corporations and those at the top, while their middle class families have been left behind. Georgia’s own middle class has suffered long enough under Nathan Deal. The last thing hard-working Georgians need is the Christie model brought to the national level—skyrocketing taxes for seniors, lagging job growth, and rising unemployment.”


“And Georgia has had enough of Republican leadership mired in scandal. There are too many unanswered questions about Christie’s involvement in Bridgegate. If he can’t be trusted in his own home state, why on earth would we send Chris Christie to the White House?”


On Marco Rubio


“Rubio would like for everyone to view his candidacy as a fresh style of leadership, but in fact, he’s nothing more than a follower who would rather pander to the GOP base than do what’s right by Georgians.”


“A prime example of this kind of pandering happened just a few months ago, when Rubio joined Georgia Senators Johnny Isakson and David Perdue in undermining President Obama’s foreign policy by signing on to Tom Cotton’s reckless—and embarrassing—letter to Iranian leaders.”


“Georgia—and the rest of the nation—has too much at stake to elect a man who said the Paycheck Fairness Act was a ‘waste of time,’ said that Social Security and Medicare has ‘weakened us as a people,’ fought to block access to affordable health care, and has consistently dismissed the evident and imminent threat posed by manmade climate change.”


On Ted Cruz


“God help us all if this is the kind of leadership Georgia Republicans want to bring to the White House. Ted Cruz is a living, breathing embodiment of everything that is wrong with the GOP.”


“In 2013, Ted Cruz led efforts to shut down the federal government for 16 days. His recklessness cost our nation’s economy $24 billion.”


“Here at home, with Georgians already under hardship because of Nathan Deal’s failed economic policies, Ted Cruz’s cheap stunt cost our state $324 million.”


“Just look at his record in the Senate. Cruz has called for a flat tax that would benefit a few folks at the top, but place a huge burden on working Georgians who are already fighting to cover life’s most basic needs. Cruz wants to abolish the Department of Education and voted against efforts to help Americans refinance student loans at a lower rate. He’s referred to Social Security as a Ponzi scheme and even suggested that it’s cheaper to provide emergency care than expand Medicaid.”


“Ted’s ideology is out of the mainstream, and his policies pose a serious threat to Georgia’s middle class and those looking to work their way in to it.”




“Looking at this roster the Georgia GOP has brought in, it illustrates how out-of-touch their party has become. This isn’t the kind of leadership America needs, and it’s certainly not the kind of leadership Georgia needs. Folks here in Georgia and the rest of the county deserve leaders that will solve problems and maintain the public’s trust. But what the GOP is offering this weekend is a record of abuse of power, political opportunism, partisan stunts, and tone-deaf rhetoric that does nothing to solve the very real problems we face. In fact, the GOP IS the problem.”


“Georgians are paying attention to what is said and done during this GOP race to bottom primary. And by the time we reach next November’s election, our choice will be crystal clear. We can erase the progress of the last six years by adopting the failed policies of the Republican Party, or we can elect a Democrat and continue to move our country forward and strengthen our middle class.”

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