End Citizens United President and Georgia State Senator Call On Senator Perdue to Release All Records on his Stock Trades

December 2, 2020

ATLANTA — Today, in the wake of scrutiny concerning Senator David Perdue’s “well-timed” stock trades, End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller and Georgia State Senator Elena Parent hammered Perdue’s corrupt self-dealing after the latest revelations emerged about his suspicious transactions and his pattern of repeated lies to Georgia voters. Throughout his entire term in Washington, Perdue has prioritized lining his pockets from shady stock trades above delivering results for Georgia workers and families.

“While Georgians have been facing eviction, getting sick, and losing their jobs, Senator David Perdue has personally directed stock trades to profit off of the pandemic,” said State Senator Elena Parent. “I’m calling on Senator Perdue to stop trading individual stocks and to release all emails and communications between himself and his Goldman Sachs wealth manager to prove he has not been using his office as a public servant to serve himself. We deserve a senator who won’t put himself above Georgians and instead work for our state.”

“Now that an FBI investigation has revealed that Senator Perdue has personally directed individual stock trades, we know that Perdue has been clearly lying all year long, and he must answer for what other trades he has personally directed as Senator,” said End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller. “This type of grossly unethical misconduct that Senator Perdue loves is why we need to pass laws that ban members of Congress from trading individual stocks, and that starts by voting out Senators like David Perdue. His stock trades aren’t just shady or unusual or suspicious, they’re corrupt.”


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