Empire State of Equality: State Democrats Unanimously Vote for Marriage Equality

September 4, 2012

Charlotte, North Carolina – Democrats in Georgia voted unanimously for the marriage equality plank of the Democratic National Committee’s 2012 platform, correcting a long overdue failure to recognize individual rights for American citizens.

This plank is in sharp contrast with the Republican platform. Just last week, Republicans voted for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

The Democratic platform calls for “equal treatment under the law for same-sex couples”. This idea- equal treatment under the law- has been codified in the U.S. Constitution since its inception, yet has never been equally applied to same sex couples.

The vote by the Georgia delegation to the Democratic National Convention was unanimous by acclamation.

“This unified vote signals one thing,” said Chairman Mike Berlon. “Georgia is ready to treat people as equals. No longer do we believe that the government should prevent you from loving someone.”

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