Dueling Trump Ads Amplify Chaos in GOP Gubernatorial Primary

February 4, 2022

Kemp, Perdue Continue “Bruising and Expensive,” “Nasty” Republican Primary

Today, just days after David Perdue released a new ad attacking Brian Kemp featuring Donald Trump, Kemp released his own new ad attacking Perdue featuring Donald Trump. Kemp’s spot, which continues an attack against Perdue for enriching himself while outsourcing American jobs to China, is the second ad in days giving Trump a starring role in the “caustic and costly” GOP primary.

“Another day, another GOP attack ad which fails to mention Georgia or Georgians even once. Kemp and Perdue are running to the extremes and making this race more about Donald Trump rather than the issues impacting Georgians. It’s a desperate move by Kemp, trying to use Trump like a prop to attack his Trump-endorsed opponent, but it’s typical for this Republican primary which has ignored nearly every crucial issue facing our state,” stated Max Flugrath, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia.

While the personal attacks continue, Kemp and Perdue continue to oppose expanding Medicaid, which would provide over 500,000 Georgians with access to affordable health care and create 64,000 jobs. Neither Kemp nor Perdue have discussed a plan to fully fund public schools that provide students in all zip codes with a quality education.


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