DPG Statement on VP Debate

October 4, 2016

Release:  Tuesday, October 4, 2016  

Atlanta, GA – Democratic Party of Georgia First Vice Chair Nikema Williams issued the following statement on tonight’s vice presidential debate.

“Mike Pence is about as extreme as Republicans come. He’s essentially been charged by Donald Trump to serve as his lead apologist for the campaign’s lies and divisive rhetoric. Throughout his career, Pence has been consumed with an obsession to defund Planned Parenthood, build barriers between women and access to health care, and villainize the LGBTQ community through discriminatory policies and legislation.

“Mike Pence has abused his roles in public office by targeting and attacking women. This is a man who cosponsored legislation to redefine rape, cosponsored legislation that would have allowed hospitals to deny abortions to pregnant women who would die without the care, and has said he wants to send Roe v. Wade ‘to the ash heap of history where it belongs.’

“The LGBTQ community is also a favorite and frequent target of the governor. Just last year, Pence enacted a widely-condemned RFRA law that legalized discrimination against the LGBTQ community—a move that proved deeply embarrassing for Indiana. While in Congress, he voted against the Matthew Shepard Act and campaigned on the notion that ‘Homosexuality is incompatible with military service.’

“Tonight, Senator Tim Kaine proved that Democrats are offering a more substantive, inclusive, and optimistic vision for our country. There is no doubt in my mind that Secretary Clinton and Senator Kaine will use every day of their administration to lift everyone up, and ensure that we all have a fair shot. This has been their life’s work, this is their proven record, and Democrats share their belief that we are stronger together.” – Nikema Williams, First Vice Chair.


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